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Note:  Many of the resources below are linked to webpages within the Clinical Simulation Cases.  In order to access those, you must register on the website and log-in. 

Tools for Pain

Wong-Baker FACES Scale

Numeric Pain Rating Scale


Tools for Falls

Morse Fall Scale

Balance Tool

Gait Tool

Risk Tool

Tools for Physical Status

Bladder Record

Pressure Ulcer Risk (Braden Scale)

Urine Color Chart

Dehydration Risk Appraisal Checklist

Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA)

Mini Nutritional Assessment

Flacker and Kiely’s assessment tool (assess 1 year mortality for newly admitted nursing home residents aged 65 and old)

Observed Discomfort Scale

Acute Stroke Dysphagia Screen

Physical Self-Maintenance Scale (Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs)

Tools for Mental Status

Glasgow Coma Scale

Confusion Assessment Method (CAM)

Mini-Cog Assessment

Neecham Confusion Scale

Mini-Mental State Examination

Tools for Diagnosis

Minimum Data Set 3.0-Section A (Disease Diagnosis)

Minimum Data Set 3.0-Section E (Mood and behavior patterns)

Minimum Data Set 3.0 for Nursing Home Residents

Delirium Assessment Tool

Tool for Depression

Geriatric Depression Scale

Tool for Caregiver

Caregiver Strain Index

Assessment Tools – Try This:® and How To Try This Resources

(The General Assessment Try This:® Series offers assessment tools on a variety of topics relevant to the care of older adults. The How to Try This series is comprised of articles and videos presenting cases studies demonstrating the use of the Try This:® series. How to Try This articles and videos are listed under their respective Try This article.)